The value of onboarding is indisputable. Pretty much everyone agrees that onboarding new executives, especially those in mission-critical roles, works. In fact, research shows that organizations with best in class onboarding programs* experience:

  • Significant increases in retention and hiring manager satisfaction
  • Enhanced productivity for new executives as new working relationships are jump started
  • A reduction in time spent by HR assimilating the employee
  • Decreases in organizational and individual stress
  • Greater returns on investments made when recruiting for high profile, critical roles

So why aren’t more businesses using onboarding to complement their existing orientation/acculturation programs?  Honestly, we really don’t know — except that their reluctance may be grounded in misperceptions about what onboarding needs to cover, how it’s delivered and/or its costs.

To overcome those obstacles, we provide a dedicated onboarding coach for newly hired executives for the first 100 days as part of our executive search solution — at our expense. The comprehensive one-on-one coaching program is offered through highly experienced coaches identified and managed by CoralBridge.   

If you are interested in learning more, contact us at for information about an upcoming Breakfast Briefing to be held on May 10 in Chicago or you can register here. Steve Andrews, CEO of International Equipment Solutions, a global engineered equipment company, and Charles Bishop, PhD, Principal with CoralBridge will discuss how a customized coaching program was successfully developed and conducted when the company hired a new General Manager recruited by TalentRISE. Space is limited and preference will be given to corporate attendees.  

*(Source: Aberdeen and others)

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