Service Areas: Pipeline Sourcing, Executive Search, Contract Recruiting, Talent Forecasting

Client: Rapidly Growing Healthcare Consultancy

Sector:  Professional Services

The Challenge:

Given its growth, this consulting firm needed to immediately fill several key executive roles and also prepare to hire a significant number of consultants at the mid-career level. While the firm targeted a “top twenty” list of well-known competitors, this proved challenging given the caliber of candidates it seeks to attract since its own brand is not as well-recognized. Additionally, the client had few in-house recruiting capabilities and lacked the systems and tools to solve these challenges by relying only on internal resources.

TalentRISE stepped in on two fronts: to conduct several high-level executive searches and to provide flexible on-demand sourcing services over the course of three months to deliver a candidate pool of over 725 fairly senior management consultants with an average salary of $150K.


The senior level positions were filled on time by our executive search team. Then, by serving as an extension of the client, and representing its brand in a distinctive manner, our team built a pool of engaged candidates who now view the client and its employer brand positively. The cost savings exceeded project fees when only three positions were filled by candidates from this pre-made pool.