Service Area: Contract Recruiting, Contract Recruiter Network, Alternatives to contingent / RPO

Client: Consumer Financial Service Centers

Sector: Consumer

The Client

Our client operates or manages nearly 400 financial services centers across the U.S. With nearly 4,000 employees, it has won numerous HR awards.

The Challenge

During a period of rapid expansion, and with an acquisition at hand, our client needed to hire 25 retail store managers and 10 regional district managers in 8 rural and metro U.S. markets – all in a record 60 days. TalentRISE stepped up to the plate by activating an On-Demand three person experienced recruiting team.


The client exceeded hiring goals within the desired timeline and expanded our engagement to 90 days. In total, over 50 store managers and 10 regional managers were ultimately hired at 50% lower cost than using contingency search vendors. Since then, the client has entrusted us with additional projects to deal with hiring spikes, including a recent effort to staff a dozen senior IT roles in 3 months as part of a corporate relocation from one state to another.