Service Area: Recruitment Strategy, Change Management

Client: Hospital System

Industry: Healthcare

The Client

A healthcare organization known for delivering high-quality care

The Challenge

Our client needed to transform its Talent Acquisition department to support continuing growth and fulfill ambitious hiring goals. That meant changing the recruitment structure from a traditional hospital and healthcare recruiting model, where HR business partners manage both employee relations and recruiting, to a more sustainable one with dedicated recruiters proactively recruiting the talent needed.


After a comprehensive analysis of the existing structure and processes, TalentRISE identified gaps and opportunities to ensure operational alignment with our client’s business strategy. Our recommendations encompassed technology, process, employment branding, social media strategy, organizational delivery model and resource staffing levels. In the resulting new model, our client has the right recruiters in place to effectively recruit top talent and flexibly handle swings in requisitions and hiring spikes. Because it now functions more effectively, the internal Talent Acquisition team can focus on more strategic issues, such as workforce planning and continued enhancement of their social media strategy.