Service areas: Executive Search

Client: An International Manufacturer Holding Company

Industry: Private Equity

The Client

Our client is an international holding company currently with nine portfolio companies.

The Challenge

The Vice President of HR selected TalentRISE to conduct an executive search for a Vice President of Engineering for the largest portfolio company. This is an extremely critical position since that leader interfaces with all of the other companies and is responsible to work with all of the brands. Our client needed an individual with strong leadership capabilities, a strong technical engineering background encompassing hydraulics experience as well as international experience. They also required a strong operations background and deep business experience. And lastly, the right candidate needed to be a strong cultural fit.


TalentRISE ran a very tight, systematic search targeting specific competitors and others in the manufacturing industry. We uncovered a number of qualified candidates who possess both the technical strengths and the strategic, operations and business acumen required by this complex organization. The newly hired executive also received gratis professional on-boarding coaching to decrease ramp up time and speed up acculturation. Since that initial assignment, the client has entrusted TalentRISE with two additional searches for high-visibility, high-level leaders.