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eBook: Thirteen Rules for Hitting the Sweet Spot in Your C-Suite Search

The prospect of recruiting a new manager or executive can be daunting. Recruitment for top echelon positions can be time-consuming, expensive and often even contentious when decision-makers aren’t on the proverbial same page. The big question: when and how do you best outsource this critical task to an external search partner? Many businesses have in-house executive […]


eBook: Shining a Light on the Real Value of RPO

Can recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) reduce hiring costs? Yes, but viewing RPO through a cost lens alone can cloud your vision and obscure many of its most critical strategic impacts. What should a well-executed RPO solution offer beyond cost savings? At the strategic level, a flexible, well-executed RPO solution also offers scalability, speed and quality. […]


eBook: Nine Strategic Tips for Talent Acquisition in the Year Ahead

By now, the usual prognosticators have weighed in on what’s to come on the talent acquisition front in 2017. While few trends can ever be predicted with absolute certainty, there’s consensus that the overall demand for talent will exceed supply in many industries, not just in 2017, but beyond. This needs to be a wake-up […]