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STAR Chicago 2017 Talent Acquisition Annual Symposium

TalentRISE will be attending the STAR Chicago 2017 Talent Acquisition Annual Symposium.


There is a need for talent acquisition leaders and their recruiting teams to flex in new ways—to become experts in areas beyond just the art of attracting and recruiting talent. Successful leaders also become advocates for the entire talent lifecycle. From a science vantage point, recruiters should be having meaningful conversations with their company’s analytics teams to gain deeper insights into the type of talent that is successful in its business. Using this data will assist in assessing quality of hire.

This year, we’ve brought together the best of the best to help talent acquisition leaders, managers and front line recruiting teams understand the changes in today’s labor market, the rise of authenticity and every changing candidate preferences.

This year’s speakers and panelists are industry leaders, gurus and leading practitioners. And we’ve brought them together right here in Chicago!

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