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How to Advocate for  Immigrant / Diversity Hiring in your company

In today’s challenging political climate of anti-immigrant policy and racial division, it is even more important that immigrant professionals in the workplace understand their true value to their employer as a diverse employee. More importantly, in order to advance their careers and break down barriers to employment for others, it is critical to know how and when to effectively communicate your value to your co-workers, supervisors and company leadership team, and how to advocate for your rights to equal opportunity employment and career advancement.

Moderators Carl Kutsmode of TalentRISE and Jonamay Lambert of JLA Associates will share their expertise on this topic in a webinar for Upwardly Global on October 19, 2017 at 12:00 noon (CDT). When it’s time, join the meeting.

The presentation will help educate and inform attendees on the following:

  • Understand the current reality of why immigrants may be perceived as a threat in the workplace and potential factors contributing to these misperceptions.
  • Provide a communications framework and tools to help employers and co-workers broaden their perspectives in a positive way.
  • Learn practical strategies and tips to help immigrant  professionals initiate change through self advocacy (speaking up) in career discussions.
  • Understand how to build internal professional networks and secure a career mentor in your company.
  • How to become a recruiter to help your company hire more immigrant professionals into open positions.

Actionable takeaways:

  • A practical approach and framework for self advocacy communications in the workplace related to annual performance reviews, compensation / job offer negotiations, diversity value awareness
  • Things you can do immediately to proactively help your company recruit more immigrants into open jobs
  • Tips on how to build professional networks in your company and secure a career mentor

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