TalentRISE can provide custom, flexible, and scalable solutions that fill your talent pipeline or key positions. Whether it’s a short-term contract for surge hiring, or a longer-term, fully-outsourced arrangement, FlexRPO can address any of your recruiting needs.

Why Consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

FlexRPO can optimize your hiring process and help you reduce costs, time, effort, and resources. We can support your internal recruiting team by fulfilling time-sensitive, multi-hire needs — quickly. FlexRPO enables you to manage the ebb and flow of hiring needs in a rational, risk-free and cost-effective way.

Our RPO solutions are completely customized — we can help your organization in any way you need, from finding talent quickly during a demand spike to taking the reins if you want to outsource recruitment entirely.

We Do It All: Project-based Talent Acquisition, Pipeline Sourcing, and Fully Outsourced Recruiting

More flexibility translates into more control over quality and cost and mitigates risk. Outsourcing full life-cycle recruitment is a big step to take. Press ahead with a customized approach that flexes with operational needs.

When you engage with us, you can depend on our experienced and empowered team to deliver value to your organization. After a front-end diagnostic, we create and execute an agile workflow to fit your unique culture, business environment, market position and business metrics. As stewards of your employment brand, we work diligently throughout the process to source and engage great while developing collaborative relationships with your hiring managers and HR teams. Managing unpredictability is always the end goal.

If you have high-volume recruiting needs across multiple functions and levels beneath the executive suite, let us put our knowledge to work toward your talent acquisition success.

“With the on-demand solution from TalentRISE, we started with a list of a dozen to twenty companies and they are generating names, pounding the pavement and handling candidate prep. It’s worked out really well for us.”

— Dave Swinehart, Director of Human Capital and Operations at HealthScape Advisors

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