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In our second poll on the recruitment challenges faced by organizations today, we focused on the steps companies are taking to become more effective in finding qualified candidates. When asked, “What are you doing to become more effective in finding qualified candidates to fill open positions?”, “hiring people with potential, as opposed to credentials”, was selected by 18.5% of respondents. Tied for first place, “Enhancing our employment brand”, was also cited by 18.5% of respondents while “poaching talent directly from competitors”, is currently selected by 15% of poll participants.  See the chart below.

What are you doing to become more effective in finding qualified candidates to fill open positions? (Click all that apply)

This signals three growing trends among businesses who, faced with a decreasing supply of qualified talent, are:

  • Re-thinking their hiring criteria
  • Focusing more on selling themselves to candidates
  • Becoming more aggressive in attempts to lure talent from others within their industry

As far as prioritizing potential over experience, businesses aren’t necessarily lowering the bar on the caliber of talent that they hire; they are just re-balancing the scales. Hiring for potential, as opposed to career experience and other credentials, does however require a more thorough and thoughtful approach to the recruitment process. For more on that, read this recently published article by TalentRISE Partner Jim O’Malley.

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