The business case for workplace diversity and inclusion is crystal clear. A diverse workforce fosters innovation, opens markets and helps attract and retain employees. And that boosts the bottom line: a McKinsey study has found a significant relationship, a “diversity dividend”, between companies with women and minorities in upper ranks and better financial performance.

However, identifying, hiring and retaining diverse employees can be challenging, particularly when organizations continue to rely on “traditional” recruitment strategies while hoping for different results.

When filling executive level positions, we promise that every search TalentRISE undertakes is comprehensive. Our commitment to you is always to identify the very best talent by searching for candidates from multiple diverse pools. That’s simply how we conduct our business.

Clients also engage us when current recruitment strategy, processes, employee brand, hiring manager training and social media outreach need fine-tuning in order to better attract diverse candidates.  We have the overarching strategic insights – and specific tools – to help.  Our team of consultants, many of whom have personal and professional experience with diversity programs, always start with a deep understanding of your needs. We formulate strategies, for example, to establish a compelling employer brand within diverse talent communities as we search for the best possible candidates. Or review internal recruitment and selection processes to make sure they are bias-free and compliant. Among a broad set of diverse candidate pools, we also recognize the vast potential – and need – for military veterans in the civilian workforce. Go here for more.