Military Veteran Recruitment

Since 2001, nearly three million military personnel have made the transition from military to civilian life.

The Department of Labor reports that veterans cite transferring their military skills and competencies to civilian jobs as their greatest hurdle to securing employment. Traditional resume and job matching strategies do not work for veterans. And three out of five veterans report challenges with cultural assimilation into civilian corporate cultures.

Not so surprising then, in a recent Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) study, employers cited a number of key challenges in hiring veterans: civilian job readiness education, matching military skills and abilities to civilian job opportunities, well-targeted outreach to veterans, educating their own internal human resource and recruitment team, and disability resources for hired veterans.

TalentRISE is ready for employers looking to improve their veteran talent pipeline, or seek to optimize their veteran recruiting strategies and practices to ensure OFCCP compliance and veteran hiring goals are met. We provide expert On-Demand military recruiting and consulting solutions tailored to address your unique needs and challenges.

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