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We have built and continually nurture a talented team of over 50 seasoned recruiters focused on the win-win-win. A placement is only a win for TalentRISE when it’s an indisputable win for the client and the candidate alike. Meet just a few of these talented contract recruiters below.

Mike Smart

On Recruiting: In my 20 years in recruiting, I’ve learned the importance of developing long-term relationships. When I talk to candidates, the conversation always goes deeper than the job at hand. I want to know what motivates them, what they want out of their career. The best placements don’t come from sourcing, they come from going back to someone I talked to a year, maybe more, ago. This was true in years I focused on tech recruiting, and remains the key to recruiting in any industry.

On TalentRISE: Working with TalentRISE as a recruiter is a different experience. They offer a level of security, stability and support you don’t get elsewhere. I am never alone. There’s always someone to offer advice or perspective, a tool or process I can use. It helps me put all my energy and focus on the client’s task at hand and be tremendously effective in the moment. I don’t have to have one eye on what my next project is going to be.

Sometimes we get called in when things aren’t going well. The internal recruiting team might be overloaded or the operations aren’t set up for a seamless process. I know I can make a real difference by bringing strong focus and experience to the table. There’s a lot the TalentRISE team has seen and done, and we bring that point of view to a company struggling with how to deal with a situation.

Lindsay Karny

On Recruiting: Whether it’s financial services, pharma, healthcare or biotech, it’s my job to be meticulous and be an expert in the client’s business because I am acting on their behalf. And, I have the added perspective of an outsider. In a way, I sometimes know the client better than they know themselves and can present a clear, complete, realistic picture to the candidate. It makes for a better placement.

There is nothing like exceeding the client’s expectations. One of my first manufacturing projects was to find two specialized candidates in three months. I successfully completed the search in just three weeks and the client was thrilled with the outcomes and the timeframe.

On TalentRISE: There is a wide range of clients and positions; it’s never stagnant. I am constantly learning more about a variety of industries, expanding my skills and becoming a better recruiter from the support and tools I have from TalentRISE.

Heather Sullivan

On Recruiting: Whether I’m working with a healthcare, professional services or other type of client, I partner with them and consider myself an extension of their staff. This is not headhunting, this is doing the work to find the best fit for the candidate and the best fit for the client. Sometimes that means taking a step back from what the client has already done to analyze what hasn’t been working. Sometimes it is spending time with candidates to ensure they really understand and want to take on all aspects of the job, such as the travel that often comes with a professional services role.

On one engagement, I needed to find several specialized professionals. The client’s job description was attracting applicants, but they weren’t ideal candidates. I did more discovery with the client that resulted in changing the job description. With that change, we found two great candidates on the same day and hired them both!

On TalentRISE: Everyone within TalentRISE has a unique set of talents and specialties to build upon. I appreciate the opportunity to work with people I know and respect, and have the ability to work in a way that fits my needs.

Pamela Nash

On Recruiting: I play a hybrid role at TalentRISE. I recruit, and serve as a project manager for large-scale projects where there are multiple recruiters working on multiple placements. It’s about focusing on what’s important and spending the time to do a search in the right way in order to find the right candidate. I’ve been on very difficult searches, like one I did for a financial compensation design consultant, and in those cases TalentRISE’s research tools and data base support make all the difference.

On TalentRISE: TalentRISE has a very entrepreneurial environment. It’s not like working at an agency; it’s not about volume. The team environment means there’s an extra hand available when you need it and tools to help you with a difficult search.

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