Selecting Tech Tools & Vendors

Considering a new recruitment technology, such as an ATS (Applicant Tracking System)? Wanting to upgrade the technology powering your outsourced recruitment engagement? Purchasing any other type of external recruitment software or tech service?  First, be sure that you thoroughly understand your needs well in advance of meeting with a vendor. Then, get the advice of an impartial outsider — knowledgeable about current technologies as well as your business — to guide you on your way to a good fit.

Avoid buyer’s remorse by engaging us before you make any major recruitment technology purchases. Our tech experts will uncover current needs, anticipate future needs and identify solutions without any attachment to what’s been done in the past or financial ties to external providers. Starting with our belief that technology’s role is to enable a superior process — not the other way around — we’ll work with you to analyze needs, create impact metrics, identify vendors and develop and evaluate RFPs. In short, we’ll partner with you on every aspect. We can even work on implementations and run change management programs.

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