All hiring decisions matter. At the executive level, the stakes are even higher. That’s why every TalentRISE retained search is partner-led, targeted and, above all, squarely focused on finding leaders who are the absolute best fit for your business.

We don’t just fill jobs. Instead, we act as your consultants, first thoroughly understanding your business before we even begin. Then, we employ a targeted approach to identify high caliber, often passive candidates. When filling key leadership roles, our commitment includes an investment in the new hire’s critical first 100 days of assimilation.

Count on us to help you make the best hiring decisions possible.

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“The searches were tough because of the skill sets we required and also the locations. In fact, in some of the searches, other recruiters had failed, but TalentRISE produced results.”

—Roberta McQuade, CHRO

Recent Engagements


20 positions in 6 months

Pipeline sourcing to support expansion-related hiring at associate, manager and director levels

Professional Services

7 partners hired in 24 months

Identify, recruit and pre-qualify partners in 7 departments

Financial Services

5 executives hired

Pipeline recruiting for multiple executive searches in 5 regions


executive hires fail within 24 months


year high in top executive turnover in 2014


new leaders fail in their first 18 months