When hiring needs fluctuate, flexible, scalable support is sensible support. We can mobilize the right expert recruiting resources specifically when you need them — and scale that support up and down as your demands change — either through a short-term project or longer-term fully outsourced arrangement.

For talent acquisition outside the executive level, we can fulfill time-sensitive, multi-hire needs through scalable support of your internal recruiting team or through FlexRPO, our total outsourced (RPO) solution. FlexRPO enables you to manage the ebb and flow of hiring needs in a rational, risk-free and cost-effective way.

FlexRPO is agile; designed to deliver quality talent synced with your business strategy when, and how, you need expert help to augment existing staff during hiring spikes; pipeline sourcing; targeted campaigns or fully outsourced recruiting (RPO) for large scale hiring initiatives.

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“We partner with TalentRISE for consulting projects in addition to recruiting support. Last year alone, we filled 85 positions and TalentRISE was able to help us dig deeper into diverse sites and give us interim assistance to source candidates.”

—Michelle McGovern, Director of Human Resources and
Talent Management at the American College of Surgeons