Maximize the impact of your entire recruitment process with our talent acquisition assessment and recruitment optimization services. We assess how your people, processes, and technologies support your quest for the best applicants. We give you a gap analysis, roadmap, and then execute. TalentRISE’s experienced recruitment consulting team will develop customized solutions that create maximum value for your organization.

Improve Your Organization’s Workforce Planning and Recruitment Practices

Our team has significant experience and a proven track record of nurturing ideas from inception to implementation. We take a genuinely consultative approach, including recruiting assessments and talent diagnostics, to understand your talent acquisition challenges at the outset. We identify potential solutions to address them head-on while mitigating business risk.

Evaluate Talent Needs and Optimize the Hiring Process

We instill principles of change management into every project, but we also offer specific tools and programs to assess and tackle key issues.

  • TalentPULSE is a low-cost organizational gap assessment survey that can provide key insights needed to facilitate making informed decisions on process changes, organizational model design, or new technology investments. It’s a great way to quickly surface key talent acquisition challenges and gaps to be addressed during annual strategic and budget planning for the coming year.
  • We also offer comprehensive consulting on recruitment organization and optimization with our TalentSCAN process.
  • In situations requiring large-scale transformations, such as the implementation of a new Applicant Tracking system (ATS) or transition to contract recruiting through our FlexRPO engagement model, we design and execute formal change management plans that include stakeholder identification, executive endorsement, communications, training programs, tactics for countering resistance, success measures and more to drive change at both the individual and organizational level.

“Looking back, the assessment was one of the best decisions we made throughout this reorganization. We knew that there was much to do – TalentRISE showed us what we needed to do AND provided a road map for getting it done. It was a pivotal point.”

— Gina Max, Senior Manager, Talent Management, at USG Corporation

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